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Captain's Theatre THE GREEN HORNET "Beautiful Dreamer" Part 2

Peter Eden is a criminal posing as the owner of a health spa to the rich and famous called The Vale of Eden. Using subliminal motivation via "sleep teaching" to make his clients steal from their own companies and families, turn the loot over to him, and then forget all about it, he's created the perfect method to commit crimes and let others take the blame.The Hornet (as Britt Reid) and trusty Girl Friday Lenore Case go "undercover" to investigate the spa. Eden becomes suspicious of them, believing Reid might expose his operation in his newspaper, The Daily Sentinel, and "programs" Casey during her spa treatment to shoot Reid.
When Casey tries to carry out her programming, only Kato's quick action saves Reid from being killed by his own secretary.
The now-angered Green Hornet vows he'll take down Eden...
This is the only episode we see The Hornet and Kato's gas masks (which they just test, but not use). Considering how often they use gas, either from the Black Beauty's grille-gun or the Hornet's pistol, I'm surprised the masks weren't seen more frequently.
You'll note in the photo above they're also color-coordinated for the Hornet (green) and Kato (black/midnight blue).

There's lots more location shooting since the finale involves stealing the proceeds from a racetrack and the duo, in Black Beauty, pursue Eden's henchmen in an armored car all over the place; thru the stables and onto the track itself!
(Note: the same racing track was used a year later for location shooting for the Batman ep "A Horse of Another Color")

This version of the episode (From Encore Action) doesn't have the "previous episode" recap before the opening credits.
It is in the MeTV and SyFy versions.
From October 28th, 1966; "Beautiful Dreamer" Part 2
Next Week:
The Green Hornet was pre-empted on November 4th, 1966, so we'll present an Election Day special: a political-themed episode of the radio show and its' comic adaptation!
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