Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Captain's Library ADVENTURES IN PARADISE "Circle of Fire" Conclusion

...Professor Malvin, a scholar obsessed with South Seas legends of a "King Shark" hires Adam Troy and his schooner, Tiki to travel to the island where the legend originated.
Arriving at the isle, the travelers meet the aged leader of the natives, who relates the tale and is then forced by Malvin to take them to the sharks' native waters, where freshly-killed poultry is used as bait to lure the "king shark" and his "court" to the Tiki!
While prolific and versatile artist Jack Sparling rendered this never-reprinted tale from Dell's Four Color #1301 (1962), the author is, sadly, unknown!
We felt the surreal shark-oriented story would be perfect for fans of Discovery Channel's Shark Week.
Note that Adventures in Paradise is not running on tv, nor is it currently available on VHS or DVD!
There are a few episodes on YouTube, though...
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