Friday, November 11, 2016

Captain's Theatre THE GREEN HORNET "Ray is for Killing"

The Green Hornet and Kato face art thieves armed...with a laser rifle?
Except for the two-part series finale, "Invasion from Outer Space", this was the most scifi-oriented episode of the series.
Usually, the show was a straight "detectives with masks" format, dealing with gangsters, extortionists, etc.
No flashy costumed villains.
No super-weapons (except The Hornet's arsenal, of course).
Curiously, there's no explanation as to how these criminals got their hands on a laser, who taught them how to use it (or who's gonna fix it if it breaks), or why they're not using it for more lucrative crimes.

We don't know who built the laser.
These guys certainly didn't have the scientific background to do so.
Was there a mad scientist running around the city?

Why didn't The Hornet take the laser and incorporate it into his weaponry?
As it is, leaving it for the police left open the possibility that they could adapt it and use it against him and Kato!

The laser itself is shown to be powered by simply plugging it into an electrical outlet!
(110 or 220 volts?)
It also conveniently fits into a suitcase.

There's location shooting in the Los Angeles storm drain system, both inside the tunnels (where the Black Beauty's green headlights really glow with an eerie effect unseen any other time in the series), and outside using some of the same viaducts seen in Terminator 2 and THEM!

Though it's the ninth episode aired, this was the second episode shot, after "Programmed for Death".

From November 11, 1966..."The Ray is for Killing"!
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