Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Captain's Library: CAPTAIN VIDEO "Secret of Sun City"

Captain Video's very first comic appearance.
While the writer is unknown, the art is by George Evans (pencils) and Martin Thal (inks).
As far as I can determine, Dr Raphael Hypnox was created for the comic book, but the whole story has the feel of a tv series script, with emphasis on  cliffhanger-type escapes, hand-to-hand combat and minimal use of equipment and scenes (except for the brief look at Sun City) which would've required special effects on the tv show.
Compare this tale with a story from issue #5 we presented in our very first blog entry, which features Cap and the Video Ranger traveling to the Moon and battling green-skinned aliens!

Another thing you'll notice is that Captain Video looks different here than in the later story. That's because the story from #5 used Al Hodge as the model for Cap. This tale has a more "generic" Captain Video who seems to be a cross between Judd Holdren (left), who played Cap in the movie serial and Richard Coogan (right), who was the first tv Captain Video, before Al Hodge.

We'll be presenting the complete Captain Video comic saga over the next few months!
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