Monday, May 2, 2011

Captain's Theatre: SPACE: 1999 "Breakaway" (Power Records)

Space: 1999 debuted in 1975 with a major licensing push, including audio adventures and publishing.
Power Records, the premier children's audio line of the era did two lp record albums and two comic book/45 record adventures, including the pilot episode "Breakaway".
Charlton Comics published two different series, one as a standard comic book, the other a b/w magazine, both of which adapted the pilot episode with far different results.
With three different print adaptations (not including the prose novelization from Pocket Books), "Breakway" was the single most adapted sci-fi movie or tv show in history, until Battlestar Galactica came along in 1979.
Over the next three Mondays, we're going to present all three adaptations of "Breakaway".
First up, the Power Records version, complete with soundtrack!
(After all, it was meant as a read-along adventure!)

The writer who adapted the screenplay is unknown, but the art is by Rich Buckler, Dick Giordano, Frank McLaughlin, and the Continuity Studios crew.
Next Monday, the b/w magazine version.

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