Friday, October 7, 2011

Captain's Library: LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES Conclusion

Art by Brian Lewis
While lecturing at a university in Chunking,  Professor Van Helsing mentions a legend about a Chinese village terrorized by vampires.
He is then approached by a student, Hsi Ching, who tells him the story is true, that the bloodsuckers still rule the region, and requests that Van Helsing aid in destroying the menace!
Van Helsing, his son Leyland, Vanessa Buren (their financial benefactor), plus Hsi Ching and his siblings (including his beautiful sister) begin their journey.
But, there are those who do not wish them to reach the village...
The comic adaptation was written by Steven Moore and illustrated by Brian Lewis (who also did the cover painting).
The movie has gone thru several incarnations including radically-different running times and titles including The Seven Brothers (and Their One Sister) Meet Dracula and Seven Brothers vs Dracula and running times ranging from 72 to 89 minutes.
Plus some versions have scenes of topless virgins being drained of blood, in others, the women are clothed.
The now-OOP DVD from Anchor Bay has the uncut (89 minute) version as well as one of the shorter (72 minute) releases.
It also has the audio for an lp story album (with music & sound effects) narrated by Peter Cushing.

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