Monday, June 18, 2012

Captain's Library: DESTINATION MOON

No, you're not confused.

It turns out that Space: 1999's pilot episode "Breakaway" was not the only movie or TV show to have multiple versions in other media (though it still holds the record AFAIK!)...
The George Pal movie Destination Moon has no less than three different versions published in comics!
Here's the second one, from Strange Adventures #1 (1951)!
Adaptation script by Gardner Fox, art by Curt Swan & John Fischetti

The final version, published in Youthful Publications' Captain Science #1 (November 1950) is a short text (with pix) adaptation!
It sounds like this this piece was taken directly out of the presskit.

The full-length Fawcett Comics version (which we ran HERE) also came out in 1950, when the movie was released.
DC Comics' Strange Adventures #1 is cover-dated August/September 1951 and was probably done as the film was being re-released to second-run theatres (A common practice in the pre-VCR/DVD/Internet era).

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