Friday, September 21, 2012

Captain's Theatre: GORGO

You've read the comic adaptation HERE and HERE... see the movie itself!
(After the trailer, that is!
This is, after all, the Captain's Theatre, and you always have trailers in theaters!)
Now, here's the film itself... Plus, a "Making of" feature... Finally, since you've been such a lovely audience, the never-rerun Gorgo episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 with guest star Leonard Maltin!
We hope you've enjoyed our contribution to the
(which you can find details about HERE)
 and hope you stop by again.
(We have some really kool stuff coming up in October to celebrate Halloween!)

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  1. Well, this is embarrassing. I've seen the MST3K episode but I didn't realize that one of the leads was Bill Travers! He's in The Seventh Sin and Duel at Diablo and other movies I've blogged about, so I really should have known.

    What a great series, this was a ton of fun - thanks for contributing, Brett!