Friday, September 1, 2017

Captain's Library ADVENTURES OF JERRY LEWIS "The Flash Meets Jerry Lewis" Conclusion

...behind Carmine Infantino and Bob Oksner's slightly-misleading cover lurks a fascinating tale!
Jerry Lewis and his nephew, Renfrew, arrive at the local tailor's shop just as he's hustled into a car by obvious gangster-types.
Oblivious to the blatant kidnapping, Jerry says he'll fill-in for the tailor while he's gone with his "friends" fiends!
Turns out the guy is the go-to man for cleaning and repairing super-villain costumes (which go through a lot of wear-and-tear), particularly The Flash's Rogues' Gallery costumes!
To be fair, it's probably a very steady gig.
But Abra Kadabra left his "magic" wand in his cape, and wants the device back!
Meanwhile, Barry Allen (aka The Flash) had visited the tailor's shop and inadvertantly lost the ring with his costume in it...
Note: As this ad at the end of the story shows, the Martian Manhunter made his final appearance (for almost five years) in the Justice League of America this same month!
Writer E Nelson Bridwell and artist Bob Oksner did a great job keeping everyone "in character" in this never-reprinted tale from DC's Adventures of Jerry Lewis #112 (1969)!
But, does this non-Silver Age canon tale mean Jerry lives in Central City?
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