Thursday, September 14, 2017

Captain's Library ADVENTURES OF JERRY LEWIS "Batman Meets Jerry"

Heck, I'm not even gonna try to do an intro...
...because this never-reprinted tale is just too weird to explain...
As you might have guessed, this issue takes place during the heyday of the Batman tv series, but the concept here is that the show is just a tv show within DC's Earth-One universe!
Adventures of Jerry Lewis #97 (1966) writer Arnold Drake and artist Bob Oksner make the most of the situation, playing up the idea that the "real" Dynamic Duo have to go around undoing the harm hero-worshipping Bat-fans inadvertantly do!
Of course, it ignores the fact that the tv series has Bruce Wayne as Batman...
Will RatMan rescue Renfrew?
Will Batman and Robin have to rescue RatMan?
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With Shirley MacLaine as "Bat Lady"!

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