Friday, September 15, 2017

Captain's Library ADVENTURES OF JERRY LEWIS "Batman Meets Jerry" Part 2: RatMan Joins Batman

(Actually, we haven't seen this because the Carmine Infantino/Bob Oksner cover has nothing to do with the story!)
"Inspired" by the Batman tv series, Jerry's nephew, Refrew demands they become "RatMan and Rotten: the Boy Blunder"!
Also "inspired" by the tv show, a petty criminal and his son become "The Kangaroo and Gregory" and kidnap Renfrew, believing him to be a rich guy's son.
RatMan fails to stop them and has to be rescued by the Dynamic Duo...
Well, they addressed the "does everyone who watches the Batman tv series in this universe know Bruce Wayne is Batman?" matter!
Note: Batman drives the 1950s Batmobile, which the "New Look" Batman (with the yellow oval around his Bat-Symbol) never used!
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