Monday, August 5, 2013

Captain's Library: BROKEN ARROW "Kingdom of Terror" Part 1

Actor Michael Ansara passed away last week...
...and, while most of the obits mentioned his guest appearances on three Star Trek series (Classic, Deep Space 9, and Voyager) as Kang, few listed his breakthrough role as the real-life Apache chief Cochise on the 1950s TV series Broken Arrow, based on the novel Blood Brother by Elliot Arnold.
Will Jeffords and Cochise help "Serafina" to escape?
Can they escape?
And what of Chala, still held captive and enslaved?
Visit our "brother" blog Western Comics Adventures™ later today for the answer!
This story from Dell's Four Color Comics  #855 (1957) was adapted from the script of the TV episode of the same name broadcast Jan. 14, 1958...and was published a couple of months before the episode aired.

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