Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Captain's Library SEVENTH VOYAGE OF SINBAD Part 1

Despite the title on this page, this is, in fact, another adaptation of the movie 7th Voyage of Sinbad!
And yes, it came out almost 20 years after the movie was released.
But keep reading, True Believer, and all will be explained!
Yep, we're leaving Sinbad in a real cliffhanger!
Adapted by John Warner and illustrated by Sonny Trinidad, this tale from Marvel Spotlight #25 (1975) was done a year after Marvel had published a two-issue adaptation in Worlds Unknown of the (then) brand-new Ray Harryhausen film The Golden Voyage of Sinbad!
So why do a comic based on an almost 20 year-old movie?
Back in the pre-Internet/Blu-Ray days, older movies were re-released to theatres for second runs, matinees and double-features, especially if a new, related film had just come out.
(For example, older James Bond films would be re-released as double features a couple of weeks before the latest one hit the movie screens!)
Because of the success of Golden Voyage in '74, it was re-released in '75 with 7th Voyage as a summer matinee double feature throughout the USA.
(I saw it on 42nd Street when it was still a wonderland of sleazy grindhouses and porno palaces.)
You'll note that, unlike the earlier John Buscema-rendered adaptation (seen HERE), the monsters match the superb Harryhausen creatures from the movie, but the humans (especially Sokurah) are wayyyy off!
Many of Marvel's movie adaptations from this period didn't allow the use of actor/actress likenesses!
In fact, George Tuska's accurate Charlton Heston (Taylor) in the Planet of the Apes magazine strip had to be redrawn to look less like Heston!
You'll also note the use of "text pages".
Unlike the earlier 36-page version, this one had only 18 pages to work with, so the writer had to condense sections to get the major "set pieces" like the skeleton sword fight in!

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