Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Captain's Library SEVENTH VOYAGE OF SINBAD Conclusion

To return the minaturized Princess Parisa to her normal size, Sinbad and Sokurah the scheming magician return to Colossa where they overcome the Cyclops and Roc, but is it at the cost of Sinbad's life?
Trying to fit an almost two-hour movie into only 18 pages forces the creatives (writer John Warner and illustrator Sonny Trinidad to use those text pages to condense the action.
(Note: Marvel's adaptation of Star Wars two years later took 6 whole issues!)
The lovely Gil Kane/Joe Sinnott cover also condenses two of the battles into one and adds an extra skeleton into the mix.
The cover for the British reprint edition, which combined both this tale and the earlier two-issue Golden Voyage of Sinbad adaptation pits the creatures for both films against the bearded Sinbad (played by John Phillip Law) from Golden Voyage!
Plus, this comic placed 7th Voyage after Golden Voyage, making 7th Voyage a sequel, despite being made almost 20 years earlier!
Next week, our final adaptation, a never-reprinted British-only tale!
Plus a special Captain's Theatre post with trailers, behind the scenes stuff and a couple of surprises!

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