Thursday, October 26, 2017

Captain's Library SPOOF "Blechhula!"

There are some movies that deserved comic book adaptations...
...but all they got were things like this never-reprinted, extremely-faithful parody from Marvel's Spoof #4 (1973)!
(BTW, the doctor on the cover was Robert Young as tv sawbones Marcus Welby M.D., also the subject of a parody in this issue!)
There was a Blackenstein, as well as a Blacula sequel, Scream Blacula Scream (co-starring Pam Grier), but the Blaxploitation trend died down before more classic monsters could be adapted to the genre!
Shakespearean actor William Marshall, already familar to genre fans as Dr Richard Daystrom on classic Star Trek, took what could have been a mediocre potboiler and gave it gravitas and panache, creating a memorable addition to the ranks of cinematic creatures of the night!
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  1. As an old school Trek geek, my friends & i were eager to see "Daystrom Dracula" as one used to call it. It turned out better than we expected, largely due to Marshall's presence & ability. Adding Pam Grier, of course, brought us back for the sequel.
    But i really don't recall Blackenstein at all. The name sounds vaguely familiar, but nothing beyond that.
    Much as we enjoyed them, i'm kind of glad the craze died out before we learned what they would have titled a Mummy film...

  2. Love to watch Blacula from time to time. TCM ran it a few weeks ago along with its sequel and I've got them on the DVR ready for this weekend at some point. The cab driving vampire is my favorite though this movie is full of delightful (and funny) moments.

    I've only ever seen a few moments of Blackenstein but it didn't look to be nearly as much fun. Thanks for the Marvel magic.

    Rip Off