Saturday, January 18, 2020

Captain's Library UNTOUCHABLES "Conspirators" Part 1

Here's the first comics appearance of The Untouchables... seen in the TV series starring Robert Stack as Elliot Ness!
Will Crandall survive his first assignment as an Untouchable...or will he be touched, fatally?
BTW, though the tv series emphasized Ness' and his crew's battle against Prohibition-era criminals, the comic scrupulously avoided showing anything involving bootleggers, speakeasy operators, illegal distillers, and their ilk!
(A situation I discovered when I reviewed all four issues, looking for the best tale to present!)
Ironic, since the actual Untouchables were disbanded shortly after Prohibition ended!
Though the writer is unknown, the artist for this never-reprinted story from Dell's Four Color Comics #1237 (1961) is Dan Spiegle, whose expertise in doing actors' likenesses, as well as gangsters and guys in fedoras and overcoats served him well several years later when he illustrated all three issues of Gold Key's Green Hornet tv series adaptation! 
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