Monday, December 5, 2022

Captain's Library WILLOW THE MOVIE Part 2b

We Have Already Seen...

(Yes, that's Madmartigan disguised [badly] as a woman)
Wannabe-sorcerer Willow Ufgood re-encounters Madmartigan, disguised as a woman to hide from his mistress's husband Llug.
Sorsha and Kael's army arrives, but Madmartigan is revealed as a man to Llug, who starts a brawl which enables Willow and Madmartigan to escape with the baby.
When they arrive at a lake, the duo split up, with Willow taking the baby.
Attempting to cross the lake, Willow is warned by a swimming child that the sorceress Queen Bavmorda controls the water itself!
Willow doesn't listen, and the kid transforms into a hideous beast...
Raise your hand if you don't think this is going to lead to we'll see
(I'm not seeing any hands!)
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