Thursday, December 1, 2022

Captain's Library WILLOW THE MOVIE Part 1b

To prevent the fulfillment of a prophecy that a child with a special rune birthmark will bring about her downfall, the evil sorceress Queen Bavmorda of Nockmaar imprisons all pregnant women in her domain.
The foretold child is born, but her mother persuades the midwife to smuggle the baby out of the castle. Bavmorda executes the mother and sends her wolf-like Nockmaar hounds after the midwife.
After evading the hounds for months, the midwife is forced to set the baby adrift on a grass raft in a river before she is killed by the dogs.
Some distance downriver, a village of Nelwyn (little people) prepares for a festival.
The baby is found by the children of farmer and aspiring sorcerer Willow Ufgood, and his family takes her in and comes to love her.
At the festival, a Nockmaar hound arrives and attacks all the cradles it finds.
After the Nelwyn warriors kill it, Willow presents the baby to the village leader, the High Aldwin, as the probable reason for the dog's appearance.
The High Aldwin orders the baby must return to a Daikini (tall people) family, so Willow and a party of volunteers set out to find one.
At a crossroads, they find Madmartigan, a mercenary trapped in a crow's cage, who offers to take the baby in exchange for his freedom.
The majority of the Nelwyn think they should give the baby to him, but Willow and his friend Meegosh refuse, causing the others to abandon them and go home.
We'll pause at that astute observation until tomorrow!
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