Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Video's Valentine SCOOBY-DOO! "Tell-Tale Heartburn"

...which featured Edgar Allan Poe-themed stories!
We now present another never-reprinted story of lost love from DC's Scooby-Doo #117 (2007), a tale of Poe...I mean woe...that's filled with Easter Eggs!
Now say it with me..."I would have gotten away with it if not for those pesky kids!!!"
Find all the Easter Eggs?
Start with the cover caption..."Twice-Told Tales of Terror!", a combination of Twice-Told Tales and Tales of Terror...anthologies of stories by Nathanael Hawthorne and Edgar Allen Poe...both adapted by producer Roger Corman into B-movies for American International Pictures in the 1960s!
(Since Twice-Told Tales (by Hawthorne) starred the legendary Vincent Price, who starred in all the Edgar Allen Poe flicks for AIP, it's usually considered part of the "Poe Cycle"!)
Writer Scott Peterson, penciler Robert Pope, and inker Scott McRae load the story with lots of Poe references both in the script and art.
Did you know that, though considered one of the first gothic horror writers, Poe was also part of the "American Romantic" movement as explained HERE!
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