Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Captain's Library: VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA Part 1

Beginning today, the comics adaptation of the feature film that led to the TV series!
(Bet you didn't know the tv show was a movie spin-off!)
 From bad to worse!
Will the Seaview manage to get to Guam in one piece?
Will Admiral Nelson save the world from global warming?

The movie is basically considered an "alternate universe" version of the TV series.
Generic Seaview footage from the movie was used throughout the TV series' run, even after the sub's nose was redesigned from a two-level eight-window concept to a single level with four windows after the intro of the Flying Sub and it's "hanger bay" under the Observation Room in the second season.
Specific footage from the minefield and Arctic sequences was reused in several episodes including the pilot "Eleven Days to Zero" and "The Sky is On Fire".
Though the writer of this adaptation from Dell's Four Color #1230 is unknown, the art is by noted war comics artist Sam Glanzman.
This comic is not included in the recent trade paperback reprint series of the 1960s Voyage comic book series from Gold Key.
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