Thursday, August 11, 2011

Captain's Library: VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA Conclusion

The Earth is doomed!
The Van Allen Radiation Belt has ignited and is rapidly raising the temperature of the planet's atmosphere.
Within a couple of days, all life will perish!
Our world's only hope for survival is a wild plan by Admiral Nelson to launch a nuclear missile to extinguish the global firestorm.
As the Seaview races to the optimal launching point in the Pacific, a saboteur attempts to disable the submarine, managing to cut the ship's power as it passes thru a WWII minefield...
Considering they were probably working from an early draft of the shooting script (Admiral "Farragut" Nelson instead of "Harriman" Nelson, the two sea monsters fighting over the Seaview, etc.) it's a pretty good adaptation.
In 1961, when this comic was published, Dell Comics was the biggest publisher of licensed entertainment property (movies/tv/radio show) comics in the world.
But Dell Comics was actually two companies, Dell Publishing, which handled financing and distributing and Western Publishing, which did all the editorial (writing/art/production/printing) and made the licensing deals with entertainment companies.
In 1962, Western decided to do their own distributing, didn't renew the partnership contract, and created Gold Key Comics. taking almost all the licensed properties with them!
By the time the Voyage tv series went into production in 1964,  Gold Key did the tie-in comics, which were new stories, not episode adaptations.
Dell did a knock-off of VttBotS called Voyage to the Deep with a similar submarine called the Proteus.
The same cover artist and interior artist Sam Glanzman handled the art chores, and even the logo was similar to the VttBotS. movie logo!
It ran four issues, never to reappear...except next week at Atomic Kommie Comics™.

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