Thursday, October 25, 2012

Captain's Library: CREEPSHOW "The Crate" Conclusion

A college custodian finds a wooden storage crate, with markings from an old Polar research expedition, hidden under some basement stairs.
He notifies a professor, Dexter Stanley, about it.
The two open the crate.
Inside is a creature resembling a Yeti, which devours the janitor, leaving behind only his boot, then returns to the box. 
Escaping, Prof Stanley runs into a graduate student, Charlie Gereson who is skeptical about the panicked teacher's tale.
They find that the crate has been moved back under the stairs and Gereson is killed by the creature as he examines the box.
Stanley then flees to the home of his friend, hen-pecked professor Henry Northrup, who has been fantasizing about eliminating his shrewish wife, Wilma, aka "Billie"...

This graphic novel adaptation of the movie inspired by horror comics of the 1950s was written by legendary writer Stephen King (adapting his own screenplay) and illustrated by equally-legendary comic book artist Berni Wrightson!
This segment is one of two based on previously-published short stories by King.
The original tale was also called "The Crate" and appeared in Gallery Magazine.
It has since been reprinted in several anthologies, but you can read it online HERE.

Note: the movie had the story "Something to Tide You Over" as the next tale after "Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill", but the graphic novel places "The Crate" directly after "Lonesome Death...", followed by "Something...".

Tomorrow, the finale:
"They're Creeping Up on You!"
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