Monday, October 22, 2012

Captain's Library: CREEPSHOW "Father's Day"

Sit back, my creepy companions and let's enjoy...
...a tawdry tale from the maniac minds of Stephen King (Yes, Stephen King wrote a graphic novel!) and Berni Wrightson, done in the classic EC Comics tradition!
For those asking "which came first, the movie or the graphic novel?", the answer is the movie screenplay!
Then King wrote the script for the comic adaptation of the movie, which Berni Wrightson illustrated while the movie was in production.
Wrightson had photo reference and even video dailies, but chose to use his own "camera angles", lighting/color and style of showing blood and gore as opposed to the color tricks and special effects to denote comic panels used in the film.
Personally, I think it was the right artistic choice.
Tomorrow, we follow the structure of the film and present "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verril", which starred Stephen King as Verrill!
Note: the graphic novel doesn't include the flick's cool framing sequence about a little boy who reads the CreepShow comic, so here it is from the movie...
We hope you're enjoying our contribution to the Countdown to Halloween Blogathon!
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