Monday, October 8, 2012

Captain's Library: QUATERMASS II Part 1

Our presentation of the first Quatermass story was so popular...
...that we're presenting the second Quatermass tale as the opener of our month-long contribution to the Countdown to Halloween Blogathon!

Will Quatermass make good his escape and get help?
What will Quatermass find inside the plant when he makes his own un-guided tour?
One hint: it ain't food!
Be here tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion!
Like the first Quatermass film which adapted the 1953 mini-series Quatermass Experiment, this 1957 flick was an adaptation/condensation of a BBC mini-series broadcast live in 1955.
Returning as the protagonist was Brian Donlevy as Bernard Quatermass, head of the British Rocket Group, which was apparently far ahead of NASA in terms of getting astronauts to the Moon, considering they had put men into orbit in the first film and were designing a MoonBase in this movie.
This comic strip was published in Hammer's Halls of Horror #23 (1978), a British b/w magazine that, along with articles about Hammer Films, was also running comic adaptations of both early and (then) current movies.
Written by Steve Parkhouse and illustrated by David Lloyd (who would later co-create V for Vendetta), this story has never been reprinted.

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