Monday, October 7, 2013

BURKE'S LAW "Who Killed the Hollywood Hopefuls?"

A TV series set in Los Angeles is bound to do stories about the entertainment industry...
...and, if it's a crime-oriented show, probably about the kind of evil that could only happen in a business that makes the unreal extremely real...
Captain Burke will clue us in, tomorrow, in Part 2, at our "brother" blog, Crime & Punishment!
Written by Paul S Newman and illustrated by penciler Frank McLaughlin and inkers Dick Giordano, Sal Trapani, and Vince Colletta, this book-length adventure from Dell's Burke's Law #3 (1965) folowed the format of the tv show pretty closely, down to the use of "Who Killed..." in the title that the show used for every episode's title.
While the show itself did several episodes about murders within the TV/movie industry, none of them contained sci-fi/fantasy/horror elements.

We're kicking-off our Countdown to Halloween 2013 contributions with this multi-part post of the final issue of the Burke's Law comic featuring a horror movie theme.
Keep an eye on us this month as we present a number of rarely-seen tv/movie adaptation comics featuring monsters and other horror themes.

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  1. Seems like this wouldn't have appealed to fans of the show, too off-beat!