Thursday, October 10, 2013

BURKE'S LAW "Who Killed the Hollywood Hopefuls? The Fatal Attempt"

Before we begin, a brief primer on Hollywood makeup techniques...
...courtesy of writer Paul S Newman and artists Frank McLaughlin & Vince Colletta from the inside back cover of Burke's Law #3!
That's why it's b/w instead of color!
(BTW, You can read the previous chapters in this multi-part post of the book-length tale HERE, HERE, and HERE.)
Now, with that out of the way, let's continue...
...several Hollywood actors killed by what appeared to be classic movie monsters come to horrifying life!
Captain of Detectives Amos Burke and his aides traced the creatures back to Gerald Grant, the now-retired actor who first portrayed all of them, and discover their primary suspect has an unbreakable alibi...
Written by Paul S Newman and illustrated by penciler Frank McLaughlin and inkers Dick Giordano, Sal Trapani, and Vince Colletta, this never-reprinted tale from Dell's Burke's Law #3 (1965) followed the format of the TV show pretty closely, including the title character's continual reference to "Burke's Laws" to cryptically-explain his deductions.

We're kicking-off our Countdown to Halloween 2013 contributions with this multi-part post of the final issue of the Burke's Law comic featuring a horror movie theme.
Keep an eye on us this month as we present a number of rarely-seen TV/movie adaptation comics featuring monsters and other horror themes.

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