Thursday, October 4, 2012

Captain's Library: DOCTOR NO Part 3

Cover of the original Classics Illustrated edition published in England.
Investigating the deaths of two British undercover agents in Jamaica, James Bond encounters both potential friends (like CIA Agent Felix Leiter and local fisherman Quarrel) and potential foes like Miss Taro and Professor Dent.
What links all these people (living and dead) together?
The secretive Doctor No, whose Crab Key island home is shrouded in mystery and superstition.
Suspecting Miss Taro of deliberately hiding or destroying official records about Dr. No, 007 makes a date with the lovely, yet lethal lass.
Surviving an attempt to run him off the road enroute to Taro's home, Bond overhears her calling for backup, promising to keep him there until another assassin arrives.
007 pretends to call for a cab...
Originally-published in England in 1962 as an issue of Classics Illustrated, it was considered inappropriate for CI's American audience, so the project was turned over to DC Comics, which made some changes in both text and art due to violence and racial content, then published it as part of their anthology series Showcase in early 1963.
(You'll note it's specifically-stated that Bond only wounds Dent, not kills him, in the DC Comics version!
Below are b/w scans of the original British versions of pages 22-25 which you can compare with the pages above.
NOTE: May be NSFW due to racial stereotypes!
 You'll note that, in a move similar to George Lucas' alteration of the Han Solo-Greedo shootout in Star Wars, the scene is revised to allow Dent to shoot it out with Bond!
(In the movie, Dent's gun is empty!)
DC took it even further, leaving Dent alive, but wounded!

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