Sunday, October 1, 2017

Captain's Library BLADE RUNNER Part 1

With the new flick Blade Runner 2049 debuting this week...
...we're re-presenting the long-lost comics adaptation that's almost as much of a masterpiece as the movie itself!
So this is how we saw 2019 in 1982!
From our current perspective in 2017, the movie got some things sort of right, like a low-tech version of the Internet...and some things wrong, like interstellar travel!
Adapted by writer Archie Goodwin, pencilers Al Williamson & Carlos Garzon, and inkers Williamson, Dan Green & Ralph Reese, Marvel Super Special #22 (1982) is a mixture of storytelling elements that mostly work in print and occasionally don't.
Considering the comic creators were working off a script, some stills, and a few film clips, it's an amazing job that conveys a lot of the "feel" of the movie!
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