Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Captain's Library BLADE RUNNER Part 3

...ok, that covers it!
On with the story...
Note: The first page in this post is from the second issue of the two-part regular-comic reprint of Marvel Super Special #22.
The page (which isn't in Marvel Super Special #22) was done to synopsize the story when it was split for the two-issue reprint.
The reprint was on standard, cheaper, newsprint rather than the slick paper the Special was printed on, so the reproduction isn't as clean and sharp as the rest of the tale.
Adapted by writer Archie Goodwin, pencilers Al Williamson & Carlos Garzon, and inkers Williamson, Dan Green & Ralph Reese.
Considering the comic creators were working off a script, some stills, and a few film clips, it's an amazing job that conveys a lot of the "feel" of the movie without the creatives having seen the movie itself!
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