Thursday, June 29, 2023

Captain's Library FURTHER ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES "Gold Goddess: Amazon Death-Ride!" Conclusion

We Have Already Seen...

Cover by Howard Chaykin
...Indiana Jones, after recovering the Golden Idol (taken by the late rogue archaeologist Rene Beloq in Raiders of the Lost Ark) is attacked by Meso-Americans whose leader claims the idol is his.
They are assisted by a mysterious woman who wants Indy dead...because she's the sister of SS officer Arnold Toht...
...who died with Belloq when the Ark was opened!
Ilsa Toht never returned. 
Plotted by Archie Goodwin, scripted by David Micheline, penciled by Dan Reid, and inked by Danny Bulanadi, this opener of a two-issue tale from Marvel's Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #10 (1982) shows there's no detail that escapes comics creatives who are obvious fans of a movie/TV series!

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